Want to get to know the RFX team a little bit better? Being that we are in the business of brand development, we thought it would be fun to create a blog series all about our favourite brands. This is a look into the RFX team and your chance to learn about the brands we have grown to care about, shall we go as far as to say love? I think we will. We want you know what inspires us and motivates us in our work and our lives.

Let’s kick this off with our first brand: Google.
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Our Senior Web Developer Scott’s favourite brand is Google. Not surprising really. Scott uses many of Google’s products every day whether it is in his personal or professional life. Features such as Gmail, Maps and the basic Google search are essential to completing his everyday tasks and conveniently enough they work on all his different devices. To get a bit more specific, Scott uses Android on his phone, tablet and even devices that connect to his television to play movies, tv shows, music and games.

The hardware is another component of Google’s brand that is important to Scott. He has tons of choices with Google and is not limited to a small number of devices. And everything is fully customizable. “I can tailor them directly to meet my needs.”

Here at RFX, Scott is constantly using Google Chrome and many of Google’s features are incorporated into our client’s websites. For example, we use maps, search, translation and web fonts! We are not limited to a few web safe fonts and have access to a large library! In order to perform the best we can, we need the best tools. To Scott, Google is the best tool we have under our belt.

Overall, Google gets Scott’s engine running!

The ‘Brands We Love’ series is all about elaborating on why we love brands beyond just graphics and marketing. Ultimately, a brand’s value is really measured by the hearts connected to it, not just the wallets.