Continuing with our blog series on the Brands that the RFX team loves, we would like to introduce you to Kate Spade New York. Learn a bit more about our Account Manager Vanessa and where her love of the Kate Spade brand comes from.

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I am head over heels in love with Kate Spade, for more than just the brightly coloured purses and chic bangles (although that is a major factor). I truly admire the hard work, dedication and focus that went into the launch of the Kate Spade brand when it first began in 1993 with just six handbags. Today, it’s grown into an international powerhouse, while never losing sight of what it stands for: to inspire colourful living. They have built their brand around the pillars of a spirited approach and a commitment to curiosity. I have great respect for a brand that can grow at the speed in which Kate Spade has, while remaining true to themselves and why they began in the first place.

I find something so inspirational in their tagline live colorfully which I feel is translated perfectly into each and every product that they offer. In their own words “crisp colour, graphic prints and playful sophistication are the hallmarks of Kate Spade New York.” This is carried through to even the smallest detail of their product lines. It can be seen in the witty statements along the inside of each bangle bracelets (one of my favourite products). I love how this mentality is even carried through to their social media channels. Every aspect of their brand messaging is so consistent, which allows me to easily identify with it.

Each time I wear one of my Kate Spade accessories or carry a Kate Spade purse I feel inspired to be creative and girly. To be completely truthfully, Kate Spade really does inspire me to live colourfully.

The ‘Brands We Love’ series is all about elaborating on why we love brands beyond just graphics and marketing. Ultimately, a brand’s value is really measured by the hearts connected to it, not just the wallets.