For our third installment of the Brands We Love blog series, we are going to focus on Starbucks and Evan’s passion for the evolution of the brand. This is your chance to learn more about the RFX team; what inspires our work and what motivates us to excel in the world of branding and logo design.


Evan, our talented Graphic Designer has tons of reasons why she loves Starbucks! Don’t we all? Firstly and most importantly, there is no judgment or laughter when she orders her signature drink: a Grande, Soy Extra-Hot, Sugar-Free Vanilla Americano Misto. In fact, they are happy to make this somewhat complicated beverage. What makes it even more special (than just the joy that coffee itself brings) is when they remember her name and order from the day or week before. Let’s not forget about the hard work that went into earning your Gold Card membership. Every swipe of that card brings with it a sense of belonging to an exclusive club.

Another reason Evan loves this brand is that regardless of which country you travel to, a Starbucks can be found. Bringing with it a sense of familiarity and a feeling of home – everything from the barista’s green aprons to the music to the leather chairs.

Being in the profession of corporate branding, Evan can appreciate the evolution of the Starbucks logo as it has changed over time. However, Starbucks has carried signature elements of their logo through to its present day logo. In her own words “the consistency of this brand is what draws me to it. The consistency of everything from the experience to the taste of my drink. I like routine.”

Cheers to Evan and her Grande Soy Extra-Hot Sugar-Free Vanilla American Misto!

The ‘Brands We Love’ series is all about elaborating on why we love brands beyond just graphics and marketing. Ultimately, a brand’s value is really measured by the hearts connected to it, not just the wallets.