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All of the software, strategy and intention in the world is meaningless without a team of inspired, forward- thinking human beings getting the job done.

For many companies, marketing isn’t really a full-time gig. It’s important, but maybe hard to justify a senior level professional working full time on growth initiatives. Sometimes the responsibility falls to the owner of the business, or sometimes to an ambitious junior employee who knows a thing or two about design, social media or websites. But owners are busy being professional jugglers, and junior staff may be ill equipped to execute a modern growth plan. That’s why we created the Everbrave Growth Advisor Program.


What is it?

An Everbrave Growth Advisor is more like a company insider than an account manager. For a fraction of the cost of a full time senior professional, a Growth Advisor will develop a comprehensive strategy based on the four pillars of growth and oversee the execution of the plan, year in and year out. They’ll be at the table with you when planning and road mapping business initiatives, advising on brand quality and strategy, and serving as your external lead in all vendor interactions that are marketing related.

A Growth Advisor’s primary role is to help you grow. In addition to strategy and planning, that means optimizing customer acquisition costs and saving money – while ensuring the efficacy of every initiative undertaken.

Who is This Program For?

Companies that don’t have the need for a full-time senior level marketing professional

Companies that need someone to nurture and support an internal junior team

Companies that have struggled to find cohesion or momentum in past brand and marketing initiatives

Companies that need a dedicated insider, not an agency order taker

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Are You an Aspiring Growth Advisor?

We’re always interested in talking with senior level marketing and business professionals who enjoy working with multiple clients and have a proven track record of success. With our unique approach to work- life balance and winning culture, join a team of like-minded growth specialists and launch the next chapter of your career.

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