We are nearing the end of our blog series on The Brands We Love, but we still have a couple more brands for you to hear about. Going back in history, let’s look at Victorinox and learn a bit about Jesse in the process.

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Our Art Director Jesse, being a very practical person has selected a very practical brand that he values and respects – Victorinox, the makers of the Swiss Army Knife. His reasoning? Well first of all, the lifetime warranty. The factory will fix knives that are over 100 years old at no cost. Their workshop is even stocked with wood that is decades old so that they can seamlessly replace the handles of their old wooden models with an age-appropriate wood.

Jesse also admires the history of Victorinox. As the original manufacturer of the Swiss Army Knife for more than 120 years, they have developed a strong brand that people have come to respect. Uniquely, some of the knives that are currently for sale today were originally issued to soldiers in the Swiss Army. Purchasing a Swiss Army Knife gives you a small piece of history that you can carry with you. There is an emotional connection to each and every Swiss Army Knife.

On the more practical side of things, even the base model of the Swiss Army Knife is extremely useful, having tools that you need each day. Jesse is never without a screwdriver, bottle opener and of course a knife. This compact tool is well engineered and efficient. The prices are reasonable and the product is long lasting and hardwearing. These are all characteristics that Jesse values in a product that he intends to keep forever.

We had to dig a little bit deeper to find out what Jesse’s sentimental connection to the Victorinox brand is. He revealed to us the memory of receiving his very first Swiss Army Knife from his parents and how one day, when his sons are old enough, he is looking forward to giving them their very own Victorinox Swiss Army Knife.

The ‘Brands We Love’ series is all about elaborating on why we love brands beyond just graphics and marketing. Ultimately, a brand’s value is really measured by the hearts connected to it, not just the wallets.