We saved the best for last! Thank you for taking this journey through the Brands We Love blog series! Hopefully you have learnt a bit more about the RFX team and the brands that inspire us in our work everyday. We thought we would let our Principal and Creative Director, Dan guide you through the last post and why he loves the ATB Financial brand. I know, we all scratched our heads at this too. Well, Dan, take ‘er away:


“In my opinion, a great brand is one that keeps me loyal, happy as a customer and makes my life easier or enriched in some way. It’s easy to point to consumer brands that taste great, work great or are just generally cool. But what about a great service brand that provides me with essential personal and business services? I thought I would take this opportunity to talk about a brand that’s been by my side for 15 years: ATB Financial.

It’s easy to hate a bank. After all, they can tend to drown you in service fees, have long lineups at the teller when you just need to get of town on a Friday, or grumpy CSR’s. For me personally, I have always been impressed with the level of customer service and quality of products from ATB. As a local bank (Alberta only), they are a non-chartered financial institution, and by no means the largest bank in the neighborhood. That being said, they have branches throughout the City and Province, and are never too far away.

Recently, my wife and I had a compromise on our personal banking cards, where a fraudster had skimmed our card info resulting in the theft of over $1500 from our personal account. You can imagine the hoops you might have to jump through with some banks to recover your stolen funds and restore order to your financial universe, but it was absolutely painless with ATB. A quick call to the customer service centre, and they had the funds back on our account within 24 hours, and full service restored.

I’ve dealt with many banks in business, including the largest chartered banks in Canada, and none of them have compared to the personalized service and client support we receive on a regular basis. Having been with ATB for 18 years personally, and 8 years in business, I regularly recommend them to colleagues or friends when I hear they’re frustrated with their current bank. I have nothing to gain from making this recommendation; it’s just a genuine endorsement of their great approach to friendly banking in Alberta.

The true measure of a brand is often found in the loyalty of your customers, and their willingness to wave your flag without them asking. Keep up the good work ATB!

The ‘Brands We Love’ series is all about elaborating on why we love brands beyond just graphics and marketing. Ultimately, a brand’s value is really measured by the hearts connected to it, not just the wallets.