Why is customer experience (CX) so overlooked in the B2B world? Spoiler Alert: it shouldn’t be! Your customers are people. The same ones who are making purchases through Instagram and ordering from their favourite restaurants on UberEats. And guess what… they’ve come to expect the same high-quality customer experiences in their B2B relationships.

We dove into the reasons why B2B companies should invest in CX (customer experience), and how you can start prioritizing your client’s unique needs and expectations to create a more consumer-centric experience. It all starts with a simple truth: Clients are people too. 

With the help of Nick Bond from Apex Scoring System – renowned for their expertise in CX Marketing, we discuss why it’s so easy to overlook CX in the B2B world and speak to how a B2B company might start to think about clients differently. Hint: you should be looking at it from an H2H perspective. 

Watch the webinar recording below. Topics discussed include:

  • What is CX? What does it mean for B2B success?
  • The behavioural science of decision making
  • How customer experience is monitored