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Rev it up!

As an independent auto repair and maintenance shop that had been serving Calgarians for 30 years – extending the life of a vehicle and keeping it in top working order is what Lad’s Auto excels at. But when they ran a diagnostic on their website, they realized it would never achieve the kind of performance required to keep the bays filled in their recently-expanded facilities.

For a company that was competing head-to-head with the big players to attract business online, it was time for a complete web overhaul!

Our challenge? To create an online customer experience worthy of their amazing in-shop experience. One that reflected the bright, clean, modern, inviting, high-tech atmosphere behind the bay doors.

Checklist of major work completed:

Rebuild the chassis

Migrate the site to a more stable, dynamic, robust platform

Fuel injection

Completely replace stock photos with eye-catching original photography (and video) for a distinct, authentic and truly one-of-a-kind look and feel.

Headlight replacement

Illuminate customers by shining the halogens on common repairs and procedures. Achieved by integrating professional videos created by NAPA Auto Parts.

Traction control

Snappy headlines and catchy writing to steer customers to make an appointment.

Your Safety and Satisfaction is What Drives Us
We’ll Never “Take You For a Ride.” But We’ll Give you one!
Put Safety Before Cost. Financing Available on All Repairs.


Polish the design and typefaces for a razor-sharp, professional modern look.

We’re incredibly proud of the improvements we made to provide Lad’s with a high-performance website, without a Cadillac budget.

Dave Dansereau Owner, Lad’s Auto

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