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A guest-focused space for the social traveller

MasterBUILT is checked in to your success

MasterBUILT Hotels is a Canadian hotel development, management and investment company. Over the last decade, MasterBUILT has been prioritizing its Microtel hotel brand and developing Microtel’s across the country to serve a wider customer base.

The company saw an opportunity to add amenity space to its hotels in order to enhance the guest experience and add higher value to its franchises. Microtel guests are often sports teams or oil and gas employees that are in town for a few nights–they are often tired and in need of time to relax, disconnect and recharge.

The Lobby gives customers the opportunity to stay in the hotel restaurant to enjoy a casual glass at the end of the day. Or, it gives patrons the chance to socialize with a group, interact with other guests at the bar, or simply enjoy the evening ambiance at their leisure.

That is why Microtel developed the Lobby Bar–for the social traveller looking for a little bit more from their hotel experience. The Lobby offers the comfort, convenience, and consistency of your favourite neighbourhood pub–no matter how far you are from your home. Cozy and familiar, the Lobby offers drinks and tasty fare in a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere after 5pm.

Prior to the launch of this new service, Everbrave needed to create the entire brand, which included a number of specific jobs all focused around putting the wow factor into the Microtel Lobby Bar brand.

MasterBUILT came to Everbrave with a name but it was our job to create the overall brand. The original concept for the clock in Lobby Bar typeface was that the Lobby opens between 4pm and 5pm and that the happiest hours happen after the work day is done. Additionally, the idea that it’s ‘always 5 o’clock somewhere’ also influenced the overall design concept.

What’s on tap?
We are incredibly proud of our work on the Lobby Bar and look forward to raising a glass in celebration of this amazing addition to the already impeccable amenities found in every MasterBUILT Microtel nationwide!

With Everbrave’s expert direction and generous insight, Microtel was able to introduce our latest Lobby Bar concept with total confidence and pride. By working in unison with our team and understanding our brand needs, Everbrave crafted an identity that perfectly aligns with our client base and invites new and returning guests to a space designed specifically for them. We always enjoy working with Everbrave and we look forward to continuing to grow our relationship for years to come!

Donna Fahey Chief Operating Officer, MasterBUILT Hotels

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