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Helping sales teams conquer big territories

How inbound marketing helps sales teams conquer big territories and yield results.

Everbrave is a humongous advocate of inbound marketing. One of the big reasons is its ability to deliver active leads to our clients’ sales teams – as opposed to having their sales and marketing team do all the slogging and hard work.

By harnessing online marketing strategies that “pull” customers to our clients, we’re practically allowing the sales team to be in multiple places at once (without putting up all of those travel miles).

Our work with Taurus Agricultural Marketing is compelling example of the kind of results inbound is capable of delivering.

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The Client

Taurus Agricultural Marketing is in the business of bringing innovative products and practices to progressive farming operations across the Canadian prairies. Customer education is essential when trying to convince profit-minded farmers to adopt a new way of doing things. But the Canadian prairies is a formidable territory to effectively cover!

According to 2016 stats, the prairie provinces (AB,SK,MB) were home to 89,952 farms covering an area of over 79 million acres.*

Before partnering with Everbrave, Taurus sales were largely generated through one-on-one sales calls, tradeshow networking and customer referrals. They had a basic website that was largely underutilized and underperforming.

* Source: Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

Taurus came to Everbrave with a vision of creating a ‘virtual sales rep’ working 24/7/365 online. One that would harvest contacts and build relationships through the value of quality content (and wouldn’t have to rack up thousands of miles on the road each year!)

The Everbrave Solution

The Virtual Sales Rep Everbrave envisioned looked nothing like
Hal from 2001: A Space Odyssey. And it thankfully bore little resemblance to The Terminator.

Instead, we recommended an integrated online marketing strategy – beginning with a staged (growth-driven design approach) to update the website. This allowed Taurus to spread out its development costs, as opposed to committing to a complete site design upfront as well as get the new platform to market faster versus a full scale traditional website rebuild.

“Taurus wanted to be seen as an authority on agricultural innovation.
By creating engaging educational content through blogs, guidebooks, resources and content-rich landing pages – and ensuring it was easy to find online (ranking high in Google searches) – we were able to draw clients to Taurus’s website (and sales team). As a result, we were able to get their name mentioned in conversations alongside much larger, better funded competitors,” says Everbrave President, Dan Bergeron.







Bringing an Inbound Marketing focus to the Taurus business model has revolutionized how we educate our customers and connect with the industry. Everbrave has done a great job in working with our team to create and execute an extremely effective inbound strategy. The ability to now digitally reach further and touch more people and businesses is something that wouldn’t have been realized without them. The Hubspot platform has been a tremendous asset to easily organize, measure and track our growth all in one place, delivering on our customer’s expectations and our company goals. Watching our digital rep come to life and our website becoming a hub of sought-after information has been a huge enhancement to our business.

Krista Internal Operations & Marketing Manager, Taurus
Measurable ROI

A big believer in quantifiable results, Bergeron says Everbrave’s work with Taurus demonstrates the impact that a well-planned inbound strategy can have on business.


increase in website users compared to previous year


more page views (from 16,014 to 40,322) vs. previous year


increase in website users compared to previous year


more page views (from 16,014 to 40,322) vs. previous year


email open rate vs industry average (51% vs 25%)


increase in contact conversion rate (From visitor to contact)

“Two numbers really stand out here,” Bergeron reveals. “The 768% increase in contact conversion rate tells us we were extremely successful in providing website visitors with valuable content that encouraged them to provide us with their email address. They liked what they saw and wanted more!”

After collecting these valuable emails, Everbrave naturally wanted to use them in tailored email sales marketing and outreach campaigns. Once again, results exceeded industry standards.

“Typically, only 25% of such emails ever get opened. But with Taurus, we see a 52% open rate far exceeding industry benchmarks. I think this speaks to the level of trust built between Taurus and it’s audiences by consistently delivering high quality content” says Bergeron.

Yielding Results

With Taurus’ new virtual sales rep working diligently in the background, the sales team had new customers actively seeking them out – and were able to spend less time prospecting and more time selling.

According to Craig Davidson, President of Taurus, after just three years of working with Everbrave and an inbound marketing model, new doors were being opened. They were now attracting serious interest from Canada’s largest farming operations and winning new business as a result.

It’s just one more example of how Everbrave’s inbound marketing solutions help our clients grow.

Our partnership with Everbrave increased our exposure in the market and allowed us to build our credibility as an industry innovator and trusted educator. They helped open doors for us to have conversations with some of Canada’s largest farm operations – a group we’ve long been trying to attract.”


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