Connecting past and present

Building on tradition

Creating a logo or naming a business is always challenging. Especially when it’s for an organization steeped in history and tradition!

When Everbrave was approached to create a new brand identity for The Glencoe Club, and rebrand its food and beverage operations, we knew the bar would be set incredibly high.

The Client

The Glencoe Club is one of Calgary’s most historic brands. Since 1931, the private sport and social club has created extraordinary experiences for its members, while maintaining elite facilities, programs and services.

To coincide with a major renovation of the facility, The Glencoe Club saw an opportunity to reintroduce its logo to reflect the next chapter in the Club’s evolution.

Our challenge: to develop a new logo and crest for
The Glencoe Club, and to create an inspiring brand for two of its new food and beverage offerings.


Everbrave worked closely with The Club, its leadership, and internal marketing team to create a timeless identity and crest that will be the heart of its new brand system, and proudly represent the next stage in The Club’s legacy.

Each element and icon of the crest has been carefully chosen to represent The Club’s proud past and its dynamic evolution. The result is a beautiful, contemporary tribute to The Club and its members. (Read our blog post as we break down the design.)

Argyle & McCullough’s 

The rebranding initiative went hand-in-hand with a major renovation of the club’s facilities – including the creation of a new restaurant and patio, and a remodelled pub.

The plans called for an upscale casual dining option that would accommodate members, their families and guests. The Club executive sought a name that conveyed ‘relaxed elegance’. Leveraging The Glencoe Club’s Scottish heritage, Everbrave proposed the name “Argyle”.

The name immediately resonated with The Club executive and staff. Everbrave’s design team translated Argyle into a warm and inviting wordmark that complemented the elegant restaurant interior.

Next up was a rebranding of The Glencoe Club’s
beloved pub. Among the options presented, Everbrave suggested “McCullough’s” as a tribute to Ernie McCullough: a prominent Calgarian, a skater and The Club’s first president. It is a fitting tribute to an individual who continues to bring people together to this day. And it is a testament to the importance of a creative partner that does its homework!

Hitting The Mark

Measuring the impact of a rebranding campaign is hard to quantify. However, after speaking with members, it is clear that the new creative direction has been warmly embraced.

Today the new crest is being worn proudly by athletes, staff and members – and is featured prominently throughout the facility. The Glencoe Club is extremely proud of Argyle and McCullough’s, and how both have come to represent these beautiful new spaces, and the teams behind their success.

In Our Client’s Words

Don’t take our word for it.

Watch as The Glencoe Club’s CEO, Jan Bloemraad, and Food & Beverage Manager Ciara Glendon share their experience collaborating with Everbrave.

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