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The long game: renovation and rebrand play to club’s strengths


Tradition and excellence have been core qualities of The Glencoe Golf & Country Club since its establishment in 1984. But, just as buildings age, so do brands. Often there comes a time when a conscious refresh is needed to realign with a brand’s overall vision and connect with its true purpose.

The Glencoe Golf & Country Club recently experienced one of these moments. They used a major clubhouse renovation as an opportunity to remodel and rebrand all of their food and beverage operations, and to also align their logo with that of their downtown club.

The Client

The Glencoe Golf & Country Club is a respected 45-hole private golf course with stunning grounds, pristine facilities, and an inviting mix of dining and social settings. The transformative facelift provided GG&CC with the amenities needed to reward long-time members and wow new prospects.

Grand opening of the new Glencoe Club
Purchase of Glencoe Golf & Country Club

The Everbrave solution

Fresh off our rebranding work for The Glencoe Club’s downtown facility, Everbrave was invited back for another round. We are pleased to say the project was a hole-in-one.

The renovation presented an ideal opportunity to revisit the logo and to demonstrate that The Club is evolving to meet the needs of today’s members, while still honoring tradition.

The new logo establishes a clear and unmistakable tie to the parent club and its proud tradition of excellence, connection and belonging.

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It is an emblem that members can connect with and are proud to ‘wear on their sleeve’.

Westmoor is the GG&CC’s premiere restaurant and lounge. Westmoor Terrace + Tap is named in honour of The Glencoe Golf & Country Club’s pristine setting west of the city, with a tip of the hat to the Club’s Scottish roots.

Inspired by the sophisticated etching pattern of a crystal scotch glass, the Westmoor logo features a crisscross/diamond motif that culminates in a “W”. The diamond pattern creates a subtle tie to Westmoor’s sister restaurant Argyle Kitchen + Patio at the downtown club.

The brown and gold colours of the Westmoor logo represent an elevated food and beverage offering and guest experience.
They reflect a venue that caters to both relaxed and elegant dining, day or night.

Named in recognition of GG&CC’s impressive 45-hole golf offering, Bistro 45 is the Club’s delightfully charming, yet invitingly informal, sit-down and takeaway food service.

The Bistro 45 logo, elegant in its simplicity, conveys a contemporary, minimalist design aesthetic.

The circle containing the 45 represents a golf ball and their 360-degree approach to fresh food offerings and friendly service.

Meeting the expectations of long-time members, while appealing to new members, requires a deft touch. With the support of Everbrave’s brand expertise, we’ve been remarkably successful at making bold changes to our brand and our amenities that have been universally embraced.

Ash Chadha General Manager, The Glencoe Golf & Country Club Ash Chadha

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